Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary (IF style)

Don'tcha just love people knowing all about your sex life? I mean it's bad enough when they know you're "trying" so they assume you have sex every night of the month.

How about this?

It's our 3 year anniversary... and I've got to go in for my post coital test this afternoon.

Mr. G (as I said yesterday) doesn't give a flip cause he gets to have fun on his lunch break. That's all good for me too but it'll be the after party stirrup session that puts the icing on MY anniversary cake!

Lovely isn't it?

Now let's allow my stupidly optimistic side talk a second and say that if we could make an anniversary/my birthday (the 29th) baby - it'll be born around HIS birthday! THAT would be fun - and think of all the stirrup sessions that would come from the next 9 months!! ;)


Cate said...

Bow chicka bow bow.

I had to flash my vag today too! TWINS!

Kittybits said...

two thumbs up for your optimistic side!

Danse said...

Ewww, now we all know what you're about to do! (LOL, J/K). Lots of luck with your stirrup date.