Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Giving him one more shot.

I've talked to Mr. G and we're going to give Dr. W one more shot at doing this better. I'm so tired of finding doctors it's ridiculous. I have an appointment a "consultation" appointment on June 9th (should be right around CD1 I think?) to sit down and have a little strongly worded chat. I'm going to lay out (again) exactly what I expect my doctor to do and ask him a million questions about this cycle and why it went down the way it did. If he can't do what I need him to do we're gone. I'm hoping to hear from him between now and then but I'm not putting any money on it. I'm just really tired and really frustrated.

Random doctor question - When you are dealing w/issues does your doctor call you/talk to you on the phone or do you talk to a 3rd party?

I've NEVER talked to either of my doctors on the phone (the one I ditched earlier or this one). It's always someone else calling on their behalf or answering my questions. I don't like that and didn't realize that's how things happen. It's not cool.

Ok better scramble to get things cleaned up around here. My parents are in TN right now on their way to my house and I haven't done anything!! Oops! :)


Danse said...

FWIW, I spoke only once to my Dr. on the phone, and it was a scheduled conference call (only because he was only in my office 1 day/week). I always spoke to the nurses (who were outstanding, btw) and they'd answer my questions. If they couldn't, they'd speak to him over lunch time and return my call later (normally by 2 or 3). Not talking/seeing your RE is normal - however, you should feel comfortable with the care you are receiving and should be getting monitored (IMO, sorry if that's out of line).

Cate said...

I almost always talk directly to my Dr or his partner he works with (also an RE). BUT he has his own personal nurse and if he is not available, I am 100% okay with talking to her.

Be your own advocate!

Mrs.G said...

Thanks girls!
Danse - not out of line at all! :)