Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Food Post!!! :D

It's been a while!

Thanks to a sweet friend I've now discovered that Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice puts WW POINTS on their meal packages so I don't have to calculate them or stick to SmartOnes all the time! Awesome!

Today I'm having this one
Granted mine's not in the new packaging but I'm SUPER excited. I tried the barbecue chicken one that came with the potatoes, broccoli, and caramel apple crisp and it was really good.

This whole meal = 4 POINTS

I'll update and let you know how this one is. :)

(I'm secretly the most excited about the cherry crisp but don't tell anyone!)

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Jessica Loves Trevor said...

That is good news! I LOVE Lean Cuisines, but don't much care for the other two.