Friday, May 15, 2009

An early birthday present + Clomid update

12 hours into the first day on Clomid - nothing. :) Seems like Mr.G got sympathy night sweats because he told me he was burning up this morning!

I got an early birthday present!! I've been eying this little baby since it hit bookshelves last month. We were at Sam's Club w/my MIL and Mr. G showed it to her as a birthday idea so she got it (and let me KEEP IT! I didn't even have to wait!!) So here it is...

::angels singing from the heavens::

I posted about before and I love her stuff!! I'm super excited about this one because (like many WW recipes) it has normal/real/not diet food! Mr. G rolled his eyes about it when I showed it to him until he opened up the book and saw the recipe for her cinnamon rolls!

Anyway in addition to her great recipes and helpful tips she's super cute. Check her out!

PS. My friend Rotty is in big trouble because now I want a Kindle too! :)

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Danse said...

That book looks awesome - be sure to review it, I may have to add it to my wishlist ;o)