Sunday, May 24, 2009


I had an IRL blog that no one read and I never posted in it so I just deleted it. Sad when internet strangers care more about you than people you know IRL but whatever. ::shrugs::

Fun stuff today! Mr G and I went to WalMart (gag) and these little potted plants that I have been coveting were finally marked down from $16 to $4 so I got three!! :) They're going in the place where the fish tank was (he finally got moving on that because my parents are coming for a visit this week for my birthday). I also got a little kitchen herb garden set thing to start and I've had a cute pot that I just haven't used yet! It's white w/a little rectangle of chalkboard paint where you can label what's growing in it. Very Martha Stewart-ish.

I will PIP as soon as I get it set up :)

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