Monday, May 11, 2009

A blog award for YOU!

Yes, you. I see you there. :)

I've got some avid readers whom I've never met (er... e-met) so here's one for you too!

It's the Super Stalker Award!!

I think it's super cute and I love it.
The inventor of the award didn't put any rules with it but I'm going to add my own. :)

If you read my blog regularly first of all, thank you!! How did you find me? I applaud you for putting up with my nonsensical crap and off the wall posts!

So take a second to fill me in and keep on reading. :)

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NorthernChick.InFL said...

Hey there! Yep, I'm one of your stalkers. :)

It's been a million years, but I'm pretty sure I got your blog link from BOTB before you left. I haven't posted regularly on BOTB for quite some time due to the issues we've been having with TTC, but my Nest SN is aphrodite2. I normally hang out on Trouble TTC now.

Anyway, I've really enjoyed the evolution of your blog. :) You have me considering a 3 column format now, too.

GL with the Clomid & progesterone this cycle! I really hope it works for you! :)

And in case you're interested, my blog links:

TTC blog -
IRL blog -