Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bloat? Check.

I thought for a second that I was feeling some o pains on my right side but now it's traveling to my left too so I'm assuming it's some cramping. I have my post coital test tomorrow afternoon. Mr. G is SUPER excited that I told him he needs to come home on his lunch break to jump me. He's more excited about that than he was about his birthday or Christmas! LOL

Hooray for summer vacation!! As much as I love summer break I think I'd like year round schooling more. You go 9 weeks then have a 2 week vacation and that's the cycle. I'd LOVE it! Today I did absolutely nothing and felt great about it. Tomorrow I have some running around to do so I knew I'd want today to be a lazy day (I'm still in my pj's and it's almost 3:30!)

I don't think I ever posted my hormone levels from a few weeks ago on here so I'm going to post them now so I have them and don't lose them :) *if I find them I'll come back and delete these*

FSH 10.3
LH 3.5
Testosterone 27.6
TSH 3.68
Insulin 3.3
Total insulin 5.4
Progesterone 2.37

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Jessica Loves Trevor (JLT) said...

Awww, we have the same testosterone levels... mine are at 28. LOL.