Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Biopsy update

The pain wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either. Much more uncomfortable than a regular pap but not as bad as the HSG was where I was pretty much coming off the table.

Dr. W said I was not ovulating and said it looked like I had "slight" PCOS (whatever that means) but my numbers weren't TOO out of the "normal" range. He said my progesterone was VERY low. He's going to wait on the biopsy results before going into what the next steps will be and those results should be in this week. He said if I didn't hear from them by Thursday to call the office.

I'm not sure what will come next. He said we'd get me ovulating (so Clomid maybe?) and he'd treat it a little bit like PCOS so I have no idea.

Thanks for the prayers thoughts and well wishes!! Now if I can survive 5 more days of teaching I'll be a happy camper (for now) ;)


Danse said...

Glad it wasn't too bad. For treatment, maybe metformin + clomid? Sometimes clomid doesn't work well for PCOS, but injectibles do.

Either way, good luck!

Mrs.G said...

I was thinking that for treatment too. I'll know soon I guess! :)

Jessica Loves Trevor said...

I'm glad it didn't hurt too much. My guess would also be Clomid + Met. They would start you on Clomid before injectables, definitely. Whatever it is, I hope it works!

Mrs.Rotty said...

i'm thinking about you loves.
Good luck