Monday, April 6, 2009

Yardwork, allergies and waiting for AF

I've done really well this cycle not thinking about the 2ww! :D AF should be here Wednesday or Thursday and my doctor's appointment is on Monday with the new OB!

In the mean time we removed some HUGE bushes from the front of our house. I mean these aren't even bushes they're monstrous patches of strong reedy grass that get to be probably 6ft tall or more by the time they're done growing at the end of the summer. The root balls were gigantic and it was strenuous getting these things out of the ground and to the back yard.

So with 2 days of back breaking yard work under my belt I'm left in a state of exhaustion inside an allergy fog. I keep sneezing, my nose, throat and mouth are itching like crazy and this morning my eyes were watering like crazy.

MrG finished planting the new sensible trees we bought yesterday after I went to work job #2. We're going to buy flowers and some other cute stuff but it's supposed to freeze tonight and tomorrow night so we're waiting till next week.

That's all that's going on. I've lost 3.6 lbs since I started Weight Watchers. Not much but it's a start!

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Chatham said...

I should have let you borrow Brutus. He can rip ANYTHING out of the ground!

I have my fingers crossed for no AF!