Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quick! Someone tell me I can make it!

I hate hate HATE this school! If I never had to come back in this building it'd be too soon. The principal is a control freak and drives me crazy. Today I walked in and passed 3 teachers wearing jeans. No one told me we were allowed to wear jeans today so why is it that THREE people have them on? I would have loved to not have to dress up today! What the crap is this?!

I only have to come here to teach for 3 more days + a program day. I can do this without hurting anyone... right? RIGHT?!?!


Chatham said...

That's bull kaka! I would be ripped!

Kelly said...

The year is almost over! You will make it. Any plans for next year?

Mrs.G said...

I was mad. Apparently the teachers communicated it with each other but it wasn't in an email from the principal like it usually is. Bunch of crap.

Kelly - unfortunately I probably WILL be back at this school. I'm going to try getting into a middle school in the district but I'm not sure if that'll work out or not. There's a high school in another town that I'd LOVE to have but I don't want to get attached to them because I'd rather get out of here! :) (PS your triple message cracked me up)

Kelly said...

That really sucks. I hope you are able to find a job that you enjoy more than the current one. Have you ever thought of teaching in a general classroom or would you hate that even more?
Can I blame the triple post on lack of sleep? ;)

Mrs.G said...

I really think I'd hate it even more (at elementary age anyway) because I'd be stuck with the same kids all year long. I'd be scared to get some that were really bad or I didn't like (which I'm sure would happen eventually).

Lack of sleep sounds good to me! :)