Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sick day tomorrow

I'm going to tough it out for today but I got a sub for tomorrow. I feel like my head's going to explode and even my ears are plugged so I can't hear anything (which isn't necessarily bad since kids are so loud but it's super annoying).

I'm usually kinda scared (by scared I mean terrified) of the secretary at this school. She's got one of those intimidating faces that always seems to look mad or annoyed even if she's not - do you know what I'm talking about? I know several people (women mostly) with these faces. Anyway. I was going to ask her who their regular subs were here and she named one, told me it was her sister and asked if I wanted her to call her. Uh... YEAH! So she did while I stood there and boom. She got me a sub! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Maybe she's not so scary after all!

And on top of that the 1st grade class that was supposed to come today didn't show up! :D

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