Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rattails, mullets and mohawks? REALLY?!?!

I thought we were past this, people. I mean seriously. Why does anyone think any of these haircuts look anything remotely close to decent? Hideous! I've seen several kids with them this year. I thought they were gone and wouldn't be back for a while. Sadly mistaken.

found here


I blame this guy. Thanks a lot Mr. West.
and here

I could be a professional mullet hunter down here in this sweet section of the country so I won't go into those too much further than that picture ^


It hurts me.


Cate said...

Aw, I think mohawks are cute on little kids, lol. Big, tall ones on adults....not so much. And mullets....NEVER ok. Rattails- I honestly didn't think ANYONE rocked the rattail anymore!

Mrs.G said...

I guess they could be cute but I wish parents would let that be a summertime only haircut. It's distracting to the other kids when they have them at school. They're busting out EVERYWHERE lately and it's so weird.