Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I hate these Tuesdays.

There have been changes made near the top of the totem pole in my school district and it's going to have a waterfall effect on everyone below them. I'm not looking forward to it one bit. In other thoughts - Standardized testing is a huge crock and I think it's a pointless waste of time and money.

I feel less hopeless since going to the new doctor yesterday. I feel like we're taking steps in the right direction even more than before (obviously - because we ARE) and I feel like this doctor knows a lot more about fertility than the other one.

I called my insurance company and asked about the procedures he was telling us about - out of 5 only 2 of them were not covered and neither of those were the most expensive ones so I think that's a pretty good outcome!

Weigh in at Weight Watchers is tonight. I'm not looking forward to that because Easter really messed me up with the family gatherings - I'm prepared to jump back on the horse though.

I got my hair cut last night and now I'm regretting it. It's too dang thick to do ANYTHING. When it's long it's super thick and super heavy. When it's short it's thick, choppy and sloppy looking where she did the layers. I'm not too happy about it and will probably go by a salon this week to get it fixed. I flipped it up with my curling iron and pulled 1/2 of it back to disguise the mess. It was a bad move on my part. I got too brave. : /


magdalina said...

Don't beat yourself up about Weight Watchers. Easter screwed me up too. Do you ever get your hair thinned out? Mine is super thick too and every month I have to get it thinned and it helps.

Mrs.G said...

I have and it helps a little. I was getting bored with it and thought it looked plain and was a pain in the rear to blow dry and fix everyday.

I'm glad I'm documenting this day because I need to remember to never do this again LOL Everywhere I look is long beautiful hair today!

If I ever decided to whack my hair off again you are all responsible for stopping me... via the internet... yeah...