Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hair success

Turned out to be cuter than I originally thought thanks to a little Fekkai therapy this morning in the shower :) (This one specifically) Love that stuff. Too bad it's so $$$ and comes in very small bottles! It's worth the splurge in my opinion (but I'm also the girl who keeps letting friends cut her hair in house so take that however you wish lol)Link
I can't handle my allergies this morning! I take my medicine at night time (because it's the only time I can remember to take it) and wake up under allergy attack! What the crap?! My throat's killing me this morning and I'm sniffly and sneezy. Maybe it's because I was FREEZING all day at school with no way of turning on my heat because they're all switched over to A/C already. I seriously hate this school. It's torture. At least it's Wednesday! :)

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emjed said...

I don't like being dependant upon medication and went searching the web for something else. I found this new gadget called a liquid ioniser. Its liquidions vaporize as they drift to every corner of the room and quickly lock out the airborne particles giving the same clean air you get after a thunderstorm or rains. It really worked for me and it’s silent and unobtrusive. Try one in your bedroom, skip the medication and see if it improves your day