Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girl!!! Put some CLOTHES ON!!

OMG!!!!! This "girl" (young woman/college girl) just came into school behind me in a SHORT SHORT dress!! SHOOOOOOOOOOOORT!!!!!!!!! I mean we're at an elementary school here people the kids wouldn't even have to try to see anything in the promised land because it'd be right at their noses! She has on monster high heels and this itty bitty tight dress. I didn't notice it until the teacher's assistants saw her walking in behind me and said something before she could hear them. I turned around and almost tripped over myself in shock! WTH is she thinking?!?

One of the secretaries that I mentioned it to in the mail room came to my room just now to tell me she's here to OBSERVE A CLASS today!! She said the acedemic coach (kinda like a asst. principal) took her down the KINDERGARTEN HALL to go to the classroom she was to be in!!

I mean I'd even go as far as expecting something like this from a parent but someone who comes in and is supposed to be "professional" and here for business of any sort should know better!! She looked like she was going to the club!


Danse said...

Who wears that to a school??

Mrs.G said...

I have NO IDEA! I found out at lunch that our principal sent her home! I can't even imagine having to tell a professor that I got sent home from an observation for looking like a tramp.