Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting really restless

This weekend reminded me of how badly I'm wanting a change in my life. This town I live in is absolutely absurd. The school system is a complete joke and is focused on civil rights issues that should have been taken care of and let go LONG ago. I can't STAND this place. Unfortunately I don't think Mr. G understands/witnesses the depth of these issues. He doesn't encounter this every single day at his work place(s) the way I do AND he has lived in the area his entire life so I don't think he realizes that people don't act this way everywhere in the country.

I need a change and it can't come fast enough.
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*added* The thing I have the most trouble understanding is the pure utter hatred that is between people down here. Even the tiniest kids I deal with have been taught to hate simply based on the color of someone's skin and if they're a man or woman. It's out of control and I refuse to raise any children (if/when) we have in this environment. What a sad place to be. I hate it here.

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