Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food Avdentures: Frozen dinners

I'm trading in my school lunch tray for an upgrade! Goodbye tots! I'll miss you! ::tear::
(note to self: a regular sized tot at Sonic is only 5 points! That size of fries are only 4.5!)

pic here

So I can't eat the stuff at school anymore because I need to know what goes into what I'm eating on Weight Watchers. I've turned to frozen meals. Now normally we don't think of frozen dinners to be "healthy" BUT SmartOnes have the POINTS directly on the box and we all know how much I LOVE Kashi! I haven't had one I didn't like yet (even the "exotic" one I had - but I'll show that one at the end of the post - a grand finale if you will)

Today I had the Tuscan Veggie Bake and it was AWESOME. I'm not a Vegan by any means but if I were I'd be SUPER excited about this one :)

Yesterday I had Garden Vegetable Pasta which was also delicious.

and then there's this one.
I've never had Plantains before and I was a little skeptical but I was VERY pleased. It was sweet and spicy and very filling. I loved it.

I guess the reason these are all veggie meals is because I'm never extremely impressed with the amount of chicken you get with each. I mean I'm a chicken lover and when I see just a few strips in a meal it makes me sad. One day I added my own extra chicken to a meal to give it some meat (pun intended. Ha!!) and loved it. Anyway these are awesome and I highly recommend them all.

Oh and always watch those Kashi people! They give free stuff away periodically and they're always worth it. I got cookies in the mail once and have a free frozen entre coupon sitting on my desk at home waiting for me to take it to the store.


Miranda said...

Lean Cuisine also has the WW points values on the side of the box. You just have to look for it. They have a chicken and veggie meal with spiced apples that is actually really good! And I prefer their lasagna to Smart Ones, but Smart Ones Santa Fe Rice and Black Beans (I think?!) is WAY better than Lean Cuisine's.


SweetSpikette said...

yes! i love these. i eat them every day. the pesto pasta primavera is also really good.

speaking of Kashi, i think i'm addicted. i tried their Honey Sunshine cereal yesterday and it is fabulous.

the frozen pizza is also really good :)

Mrs.G said...

I think I'm addicted too! I LOVE the Cinnamon Harvest cereal (and I think I blogged about it in the past few weeks!)