Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Did I mention I was going on a trip?

Mr. G and I ventured up to Chicagoland and Michigan on Thursday and returned last night. It was a fantastic trip and now I'm in a slump because I'm back in this craptastic place I'm forced to call home right now.

The trip kicked off great with a wretched plane ride. Remember how I've been sick the past 2 weeks thinking it was my allergies and never went to the doctor? Yeah that "allergy" issue was actually a double ear infection and sinus infection. My ears hurt SO BAD in the plane that I wanted to cry. Landing was worse than the take off so I had my mom take me to convenient care right away when we got in. I told them I thought I had a sinus infection and it ended up being an ear infection in both ears as well. I've been living off of antibiotics and Motrin ever since. I thought it was better but now that I'm back to work I'm exhausted and I keep having hot flashes. Lovely.

The wedding was beautiful. My friend was absolutely stunning. I was correct in thinking that I'd be the fat bridesmaid but I'll survive I guess. It didn't happen over night and it'll take while to get back to where I'd like to be. Speaking of that I totally blew my Weight Watchers lifestyle over this weekend. I'll jump back on the horse this week. It was next to impossible to work that out with the places I was eating this week. I wanted to enjoy myself and not worry about it and I did.

Back to the wedding. I was super excited to get to play Maid of Honor on the wedding day. :) The REAL MOH was busy (I guess?) doing her hair and getting ready to do the bride's hair so I tagged along and helped my friend run errands and Mr. G stayed in bed at the hotel. It rained that day - thunderstormed really - but it all worked out great because we got ready AT the church so didn't have to go out in the rain before the ceremony.

The reception was REALLY nice and a lot of fun. Poor Mr. G sat by himself at a table (not knowing anyone) so I went and found him after dinner and sat with him instead of at the head table. He was a really good sport about the whole weekend - he's such a sweet man.

We went straight back to my parents' house the next day. My mom's brother was in the hospital in a coma and she was going to leave super early Monday morning to go out there and I needed to visit my grandparents and my grandma's sister before we left. We had a nice lunch with my grandparents.

Mom's brother died Monday morning at 1:45 and I don't think they told her until she got there after a 10 hour drive by herself. She seems ok - she hadn't spoken to him in years and holds a grudge against her other brother too. I don't know the whole story.

I finally worked up the courage to ask her about my birth parents. I was adopted as a new born and knew NOTHING about my birth mother. My mom told me her name and a few other things!! I was shocked! I searched the internet (hoping to find something) when we got home last night which lead to me dreaming about it all night too. I might be too emotional for this process but I'm going to try anyway.

I'll post a wedding pic later when I'm home. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Wow this is long! :) Sorry!

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Jen said...

My goodness what a weekend! I didn't know your family was from the Chicagoland/Michigan area! Mine too! I was actually born in Chicago lived in Michigan then we moved to AL. Crazy! My sis lives up there. I'm wanting to drive up there to visit soon.

I'm sorry to hear about your mom's brother. But excited for you that you know your birth mom's name. How exciting! Good luck trying to find her. Have you seen the Locator show? Love that one. Tear jerker everytime!