Friday, April 3, 2009

Aww... Come on Subway!!

It's Friday. I've had a crazy week. I have planning+lunch together so I was going out to get some lunch. I wanted sushi but didn't have enough cash to get it - did you know you can eat 12 pieces (are they called rolls?) for only 4 points?!? I've been craving it too! I will have some SOON!

So I talked myself out of Mexican and decided to be good and go to Subway.

Honey Oat bread? - sold out.

Wheat bread? - sold out.

:( You suck.


Jen said...

lol, i'm sorry your having such a bad "food" day. Maybe you'll get something you want soon!

Miranda said...

Just for the record, here's my 8 point Subway meal:

6 in. ham and turkey on wheat, no cheese, with lettuce, cucumbers, pickles, spicy mustard, and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. Oregano is another option for some more flavor and you can add any other veggies you like. (I don't think white bread adds any points if they're out of wheat.)

1 bag of baked chips

diet soft drink.

The sandwich is five points, the chips are three. The diet drink, obviously, adds no points.

When I was doing WW, I'd eat that probably three nights a week because it was a filling meal that I knew the points value of that I could count on.

magdalina said...

I hate when that happens.