Thursday, April 2, 2009


I have 2 schools I teach at. One is really pretty new (maybe 5 years? I'm not exactly sure) the other is OLD. I think I've discussed this before.

We have floor tiles that pop up from time to time and I've always just picked them up, thrown them in the trash then washed my hands.

Good thing there's ASBESTOS UNDER THE FLOOR!!! No one told me and I never thought about it so... awesome.

Yesterday and Tuesday there were more and more tiles coming loose and popping out. I was told yesterday not to touch them and to leave them. The janitor said he'd have maintenance come take care of them. Great. I mean they've been here TWO TIMES before when I was here asking when they should come work on it. I told them Mondays would be perfect because neither me nor the art teacher were here on Mondays. They never came.

Today I was going to start my day. Rearranged my room so that the kids wouldn't be near the missing tiles and massive asbestos colony and in walks maintenance. Shortly after he came in my principal comes in and says I'll have to go to the classrooms today while they work on the floor and the leak in the heating/cooling unit. Awesome again. No time to pack a cart I grabbed my laptop, blank CDs, my schedule and some DVDs and went on my way.

Pretty sure I came back in here at lunch and NOTHING has been done since I left and there are NO maintenance guys here.

I'm just irritated about a lot of it. 1) that there's asbestos in my classroom. 2) that no one's done anything about it 3) that I had to hit the road with no way to prepare and 4) that there's STILL nothing fixed!!

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Elaine said...

Well, that's crappy! I hope they get it fixed soon.