Wednesday, March 4, 2009

T-7 days until testing.

Over the past year and a half I've learned that I hate (HATE!!!!!) seeing BFNs. My LP is usually13 days so I will be testing next week Wednesday at the very earliest. I promise not to be an AW about it I'm just bored and wanted to post an update. I will say I have 56 "pregnancy points" but I have a feeling that you can fail on getting pg but pass on points.

As I was driving to work today I passed a girl (while in fairly heavy traffic) putting on her eye makeup. Not only was she putting on her eye makeup but she was using her rear view mirror to do so - obviously she wasn't using it for it's intended purpose. I have never had any desire to implement this into my morning commute and never will. It's SO dangerous and I'm sure it'd look like crap in the end anyway!

PSA to this morning's make up girl - If you're not "born with it" put your face on in the safety of your bathroom and focus on driving while you're on the road. I mean you could even wait till you got to the parking lot at work/school! Goodness knows the world's worst drivers live in my town so even if you're NOT one of them they are ALL AROUND YOU! Oh, and you're an idiot. :)


Catie said...

Were you in Charleston this morning? I followed a woman putting her make up on at 80 mph on the interstate. Um, hello!? A little unsafe!

Mrs.G said...

If I had been in Charleston you would have known I promise! :)

Jen said...

Oh goodness, I'm glad she didn't wreck and hurt anyone! Anyhoo, 7 days will get here faster than you think! I'll be praying for good news!

LucyAnnie said...

Good luck in 7 days :) Apparently a friend of mine saw somebody brushing their teeth last night while they were driving. Weird.