Monday, February 9, 2009

Ugh. Monday.

This is the Monday that I don't teach but I still have to be here which sucks too. I just want to stay in bed. I sleep in a little on these Mondays and come in late. It feels great to come in to school late. Driving in, not in a hurry, seeing the world around me instead of cinder block walls and one tiny window. I really do hate this job. I need to work on this career thing soon. Too bad the economy is awful and unemployment is high. I don't like complaining about my job because hey, at least I have one. I guess I'm just upset that I spent 5 years in college and thousands of dollars to do something I thought I'd enjoy and I actually hate it.

Babymaking news: - OPKs, no EWCM, psychotic temps. One girl on the board tried to snark me for thinking my chart was crazy. She thought I was "about" to O. I don't know how you can think someone's "about to O" anyway because there's really no telling until it spikes. She can eat her words because I didn't O and it's looking even crazier than it was before!! Looks like I'll need to pick up another box of OPKs. :(

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