Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On your mark... get set...

So I heard back from my nurse yesterday. She said Dr. R wanted to do blood work on CD21 to see if I ovulated and asked if I knew what CD I was. I looked it up really quickly because I've lost track in my mountain range of temps and I was CD20. I think she said we'd check my thyroid stuff and my progesterone levels (I think?) to see if I ovulated. I know I didn't because I have no ewcm and my temps haven't showed anything reflecting an ovulation. I keep getting the feeling that they don't care much about temping cause every time I mention it they ignore me.

I'm going in for bw this morning before I get to school. If my thyroid looks ok we'll take the next steps. If not I'm assuming we'll keep working on that. She said if it's ok and I'm not ovulating they'll prescribe Clomid. She rattled off a few other scenarios that I can't remember cause she said them so fast but I'll ask again today or when she calls back with my bw results.

So... that's the update. My temps are still crazy, my OPKs are still negative and I'm going in today.

In other news - I saw Dave Barnes in concert last night and he is phenominal. I loved it. And he's really funny too! If you haven't heard him check him out. :)

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