Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New music! :)

I finally added a few more songs to my playlist (though there are tons more I wanted to put on here I just can't remember them all!).

I was playing around with the skins on the website I use and found this new one that's AWESOME! I love the album covers and that it'll play videos! To browse through my playlist hit the arrow at the top of the "iPhone" screen and you can scroll through them. Click the one you want to hear. I love it.

I will confess that it's driving me bonkers that I couldn't get it to be smaller to fit in the sidebar but I'll sacrifice and tame my OCD because of the other coolness it offers :)

I've noticed a trend in my music choices that I hadn't seen (or heard?) before. There's a lot of piano in most of them. It's crazy that I love the instrument so much yet I never practiced enough to play up to my potential. I'm on an acoustic/laid back kick too but there's some other stuff mixed in there. I found one by Taylor Swift (whom I usually don't like at all) that I think is beautiful. Maybe it's because I love Colbie Caillat.

Hope you like it. If something won't play let me know.
Now for a nap to get this headache to go away.

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Kelly said...

As usual, I love your music choices! That new skin is really neat too!c