Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Possibly my longest cycle yet.

I mean I know it could be MUCH worse (and might still get there) but this is a sad milestone. If my temp doesn't do something or FF doesn't find somewhere to stick crosshairs soon I'm going to get my Rx for Provera filled and take it. The latest I've O'ed in the past was CD33. Good morning CD35. I couldn't even click on the next slot in my chart to put in today's temp because I "should" have (according to FF) started my period 4 days ago.

One of my least favorite parts of TTC is feeling like sex is a chore. Five nights in a row and I feel like I HAVE to do it because my chart isn't showing ovulation yet. I'm exhausted.

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Jessica Loves Trevor said...

That's my least favorite part, too. My DH is already sick of it. We always go at least a week without after o because we're so freaking tired!