Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy 50th Post!

What a milestone. Too bad I don't have anything fun to talk about today! :) Another milestone I hit today was my car rolling over 100,000 miles this morning. Most of those are highway miles and not city miles so I guess it's not TOO bad.

I've been playing with my chart and on the home page you can add the "average" curve to it. It's pretty cool! I think it's funny that almost every single cycle on CD7 there's a spike then it drops again.

Last night I decided I wish the Biggest Loser were on every single night. It's extremely motivating and I wish I had Jillian kicking my rear all over the gym. I know for certain that she'd make me cry but I also know she's hardcore and would help me lose weight. I hate that our society is so focused on instant gratification. I'm ready to see a difference NOW and when I don't see one it makes me want to give up!

I'm glad today is Wednesday! I'm ready for the weekend already!

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