Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doctor appointment today

I decided to wait until testing the waters with my doctor to make calls to other practices about monitoring. I'm still trying to think of all of my questions and find more info on it and I'll have very little time to do it today (always the procrastinator). I guess I keep putting it off because I don't want to admit it's real yet.

On a random note - I feel like I get sized up every time I walk into this building. Teachers stand in the hall with their classes before they are allowed in and school starts. I feel like they look me up and down, judge me, my fat, my clothes, my shoes, my hair... every time I come to school. I've never been a fan of catty women so that should have been a HUGE red flag when planning on being a teacher. Today I wore little brown heels (by little a mean a little taller than kitten heels but FAR from pumps) and brought some flats to change into because I knew they wouldn't last. It's the middle school teacher in me I guess. I miss the days of getting to look cute - and FEEL cute. I've sacrificed those days to wearing flats and comfy clothes so often that I feel weird when I try to look good. I'm so out of my element.

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