Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Weather Day #2!!!

Bless my husband, he knows people can't drive in this and knew I was worried about him getting to work ok, but did he have to CALL?! My cell was on the other side of the room and naturally I thought if he was calling me it was to tell me he got in a wreck.


Just wanted to say he made it ok. I am 98% sure he did this knowing it'd wake me (and the dogs) up and I'd have to get out of bed and couldn't sleep in. He is the ultimate brat.

On that note - I think I'll make today productive then hopefully take a bath and a nap before he even gets home. ;)

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Danse said...

Lucky you! We got a snow day and I'm doing work from home because my boss sucks. Wahhh. I want a nap!