Friday, January 23, 2009

Well... she's here.

AF arrived and this is going to be one of those AWESOME visits where I feel like puking up everything I get down - including the painkillers - with fierce cramps sitting triumphantly like a cherry on top of a sundae.

I'm so excited. ::throws confetti:: (that's a trick to see if Catie reads this)

Now I need to work on getting excited about TTC. Cue Mission Impossible music.... now.

Here we go!

**Question of the day** How do you stay happy for people getting pg around you when you've been trying for what feels like forever? Anyone? I'll bake cookies for someone who comes up with a good answer. :)


Gossamer Wings said...

My answer is to be at least a little bit happy, even if the overwhelming emotion is raging jealousy. It's good for karma.

Cate said...

Of course I read!!

I miss you. I am praying so hard for both of us this cycle.