Saturday, January 3, 2009

THAT was obnoxious + the obligatory New Years resolution post

I deleted my last entry because it was MASSIVE. I'm not sure if I don't know how or if they don't offer it but on LJ you can do a text cut so you don't see the WHOLE post in your blog (in times of huge surveys like the one I deleted) but if people want to click the link they can read it from there.

So Happy 2009. I sure hope this year is better than 2008. It was a bit of a crappy year and I'm ready for some great stuff to happen.

This entry will be short cause I slept in WAY too late and need to get ready so - drum roll please...

My New Year's Resolutions:
1) Be more "green" (cliche I know but I need to work on this)
2) Lose some weight!!!!! (by some I mean 50 lbs but ANY weight loss would be awesome)
3) Keep up with the housework better (I'm not doing that by sitting here but I'll work on it lol)
4) Send out birthday/anniversary/holiday cards so they get there on TIME
5) Read my bible and pray EVERY day (so far that's a fail but I guess we can count from today right?)

So... welcome 2009!! I hope I don't have to hate you in 12 months :)


Cate said...

You forgot

(6.) Meet and have lunch with Doyous.

Mrs.G said...

Yes I totally left that one off my list! How silly of me :)

K. Bauer said...

Not a bad list. You can do it!