Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One reason "working out" is a resolution...


So I am Lindt's #1 fan. I LOVE their truffles. ::dies::

Target had the tin (pictured below) on clearance after Christmas so I bought it

I have had all of the varieties inside except for the peanut butter, hazelnut and ::drool:: white chocolate.
thanks to mai-ke for posting the awesome picture

Someone shoot me. These are too good. Don't get me wrong the hazelnut ones are AMAZING too but... the white chocolate has stolen my tastebuds. I used to think the mint and dark were my favorite. I was strongly mistaken. It's like heaven in your mouth. I have a sneaky suspicion that when I get pregnant the baby might "need" some of these - and by some I mean a bag a week ;)

I feel like I need to hit the gym AGAIN today cause I'm about to be very bad.

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Miranda said...

We gave Lindt truffles away as favors at our wedding. The peanut butter ones are fab!