Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New stuff...

It's a new day and a new week so here's a picture blog of new stuff...

I'm addicted to kitchen gadgets
I found the 3 piece Froggy set for only $10 at Tuesday Morning.

I found these awesome scrubber dishcloths at Kohl's
Food Network brand
(I got the lime green ones cause colors were limited)

One side is a regular washcloth and the other is a scrubby mesh material.
Can't wait to use them on stuff that sticks to the counter, dishes, etc.

and of course...

Picture from ABCnews.com

Even if you don't agree with everything he says or does, he's the elected leader of our country and this is an amazing day in history. Pray for him and other our other leaders. They'll need much guidance in the days, weeks, and years ahead!
Congratulations President Obama.


Jen said...

I'm totally digging the food network cloths! I need to go shopping now!

Theresa said...

Nice Obama comment and picture!