Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Confirmation that it was time :)

I went to bed early last night and made sure to have time to lay down and read some of the pages of a devotional book I get from church and read the corresponding verses in my bible. I was behind so I read until I was caught up. The title of Monday's page was "Home Alone". The author wrote about how her job caused her family to move frequently and how once she had unpacked the house, her husband was at work, and the kids off to school - she would go online and found a community there that kept her company before she had any friends. It went to talk about how it's more important to have face time with people - "real" relationships. It didn't say online friendships were wrong but it encouraged readers to reach out and find relationships in person.

I prayed about it and have been thinking about it a lot as I fell asleep last night and this morning. I know there was a purpose for me to find BOTB and make friends there. I didn't know I would have IF problems so I found a network where I could ask questions and vent on issues I was having. I have taken a few really good friendships from the experience but while I was spending my time online I was neglecting a lot of things in "real life".

I wasn't shocked to read last night's devotional page. It was more of a pleasant surprise - a "thanks for helping know I made the right decision" moment. It was a quiet reminder that God rules over all, He knows us more than we know ourselves and He is always there. I may be a sap but it was hard to post that I was leaving (I still don't know where the delete button is, but I hear you have to email them and tell them why you're leaving). I teared up writing that post and the one here last night too. The friendships are as real as the pain and confusion of dealing with this crap.

I'll miss my efriends but I'm still here. If you need me you know where to go.

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kdodge said...

You need to do what is right for you. And if that means stepping back and making more time for your face to face relationships, then so be it. As you said, we still know where to find you!