Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's all coming back to me now...

THIS is why I hate charting. #1) what the crap IS that?. #2) I stress about it all the time. #3) the beeping of my alarm before I really need to get up.

I slept in a LOT this whole week. Usually during the school year (and even in the summer) I can't sleep in but this week has been an exception. I had 2 days off because of the weather and today I just never woke up (but I'm thinking I could still be sleeping now that I am up).

I had a really weird dream about eating at a pizza place that had a swimming pool in the middle of it sitting squished in the booth next to Jon Stamos (and I liked it). Weird.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Weather Day #2!!!

Bless my husband, he knows people can't drive in this and knew I was worried about him getting to work ok, but did he have to CALL?! My cell was on the other side of the room and naturally I thought if he was calling me it was to tell me he got in a wreck.


Just wanted to say he made it ok. I am 98% sure he did this knowing it'd wake me (and the dogs) up and I'd have to get out of bed and couldn't sleep in. He is the ultimate brat.

On that note - I think I'll make today productive then hopefully take a bath and a nap before he even gets home. ;)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Ice Baby!

Back in the saddle. Temped again for the first time in a couple months. I hope this is it. I need to call my doctor again to see what's next but I keep forgetting.

No school today thanks to a little...

I really haven't SEEN any ice but the threat was there and that's how these southerners roll. :) I like it and I'm hoping to get tomorrow off too!

Monday, January 26, 2009

One of many reasons why I'm glad I left the boards

The snark was getting old.
You have no idea who you're talking to - it's only a screen name.
Newbs flaming people they assume are newbs when they really aren't.
Nice job guys. Some of you read this too! LOL
SO glad I left - wouldn't be back if I weren't so bored at school.
I'm going to go write some lesson plans now.
Thanks for the reminder!

Oh yeah just so you know - just because someone's screen name is new doesn't mean they're a newb. kthanx.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's long but worth it (thanks B!)

I forgot I had this and wanted to post it as a reminder to myself and anyone who reads this :)
*edit* REALLY long!

What Nobody Told Me About Trying to Conceive

-That unprotected sex doesn't necessarily lead to pregnancy. (duh!)
-That my sex life would start to resemble a science experiment.
-That the longer I try to conceive, the more pregnant women spring up around me.
-That deep down inside, I can be a very jealous person.
-That one day I wouldn't mind checking my cervical fluid or cervix position to see if it is my fertile period. (no more)
-That I should have gone to medical school like my mom wanted, because I've had to do so much medical research up to now just to figure out what was wrong with me, and now I might as well be an M.D.
-That I would know more about the female reproductive system and menstrual cycle than most of the doctors I go to.
-That living my life in 2 week increments would be the normal thing to do.
-That I never knew how much I wanted to see those 2 pink lines...until only one shows up every month.
-That simply relaxing will NOT get me pregnant. The husband has to do some work too! (don't you hate it when people tell you that!?)
-That I have no control over some of the goals I set...
-That wishing really hard for something doesn't make it happen, and staring at my BBT chart doesn't make it change!
-That one day my husband would know so much about how my uterus functions and what it looks like from the inside.
-That a pregnancy doesn't always equal a baby.
-That miscarriage is so common.
-That I would wish we had started trying to conceive earlier.
-That my friends' pregnancies would start to make me sad instead of happy.
-That it wouldn't happen the first time I didn't use birth control like I was led to believe in school.
-That I wouldn't know how important a baby was to me until it took so long, and I realized what I was willing to go through to make it happen.
-That family would act like getting pregnant was a competition between all the young couples in the family, and the first one to get pregnant "wins".
-That my husband is the most wonderful and caring man!
-That it is insensitive to ask people when they are going to try having a baby! They might be trying and having difficulties just like me!
-That women who do get pregnant are so very blessed!
-That I could have been rich by saving the money I spent on condoms/birth control pills, which were obviously unnecessary.
-That I would be happy to see abundant cervical fluid and tell my husband about it.
-That other people's "good news" of pregnancy makes me sad and when they tell me they have good news, I hope that they just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico.
-That had I bought stock in Clearblue Easy I'd have my mansion on St. Pete's Beach in Florida by now.
-That having my period show up would make me cry, no matter whose bathroom I was in.
-That it does not get easier ... each cycle is harder than the last.
-That I wouldn't want to hold or see someone's baby because it just hurts way too much.
**-That a group of "strangers" who I will probably never meet, have now become my "best friends" when it comes to trying to conceive.**
-That I would splash urine on my face while taking apart an home pregnancy test in the hopes that there really was a 2nd pink line hiding in it.
-That talking about sex with fellow women who are trying to conceive would be so easy.
-That one day all of this will make me stronger. (it already has, hasn't it?)
-That I would have NO TOLERANCE for pregnant women's complaints about morning sickness, weight gain, etc...
-That no one I know would have any understanding as to how I feel.
-That my temper and patience are much shorter than I ever thought.
-That infertility is not as rare as I was led to believe.
-That I am very bitter towards unmarried accidental pregnancies, and slightly bitter towards married accidental pregnancies.
-That someone I thought to be my best friend would hurt me by saying that she was sick of hearing about my efforts at trying to conceive.
-That some people just say the wrong things.
-That I would be so sad and ashamed.
-That when my period shows up I would feel broken and dysfunctional.
-That my friendship with my real life girlfriends would suffer because they got pregnant after being off the pill for 3 weeks.
-That this would be, by far, one of the hardest things I will ever have to go through.
-That I HAVE to have sex even though I don't feel like it, but because my fertility monitor says HIGH or PEAK.
-That people would pity me and feel sorry for me.
**-That I would meet such a wonderful group of people online, that I can share my sorrow, frustration and fears with. **
-That I would feel stupid and naive for thinking a pregnancy would occur "when it was supposed to".
-That answering questions (and usually lying) about pregnancy or family plans would hurt so badly.

Lunch Lady Land

My inlaws are not the healthiest people on the planet (understatement of the century). Usually this annoys me to no end - especially while trying to cook something healthy that my husband will actually eat. This time I'm excited about their picky ways. My MIL is a school cafeteria manager ::insert "Lunch Lady Land" here:: and gets all this stuff from companies trying to get her to sell/offer it at school for the kids.

She got a small case of Izze Fortified Sparkling Juice. She's not planning on ordering any and doesn't eat fruit (or drink juice?) so I brought it home with me. Sooooo excited! I'll report back on how they are but I'm 99% sure I'm going to love them.

::awesome pic found here::

Friday, January 23, 2009

Well... she's here.

AF arrived and this is going to be one of those AWESOME visits where I feel like puking up everything I get down - including the painkillers - with fierce cramps sitting triumphantly like a cherry on top of a sundae.

I'm so excited. ::throws confetti:: (that's a trick to see if Catie reads this)

Now I need to work on getting excited about TTC. Cue Mission Impossible music.... now.

Here we go!

**Question of the day** How do you stay happy for people getting pg around you when you've been trying for what feels like forever? Anyone? I'll bake cookies for someone who comes up with a good answer. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's my favorite part about teaching???

Not being able to go to the bathroom when you need to unless you tell someone about it.
Classroom full of kids that have to be supervised
Back to back classes with ONE break in the middle of the day.
I think AF is making her visit and I'm not prepared.
Pure awesomeness.
I definitely went to college and got a degree to be able to be treated like a child again.

Homework, not allowed to leave work/school during the day, having to ask to go to the bathroom...

really makes a girl feel like a grown up.

No pain, no gain vs. All pain, no lose

I've been doing pretty darn well this month getting to the gym at least 3 times a week.
Got on the scale yesterday...
...gained 4 lbs.
I keep trying to tell myself it's cause I weighed in the afternoon with clothes on but it's not helping me feel any better - especially with the condition of my face. I look like an effing 14 year old. This SUCKS!!

I've been focusing on cardio and not weights so I don't know where this is coming from.
Shoot me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I wish we didn't have to find our own substitutes. I feel like this picture but I hate finding subs so much I came to school anyway.

I can't function AT ALL. Luckily I haven't shown today's kids a movie before. Makes me feel less guilty about it.

I even stopped at Starbucks and got a venti (VENTI!!!) skinny vanilla latte. No dice. Still can't think straight. In fact it's so rough, typing this blog is a challenge so I'll stop here before it stops making sense.

(today's picture found here)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New stuff...

It's a new day and a new week so here's a picture blog of new stuff...

I'm addicted to kitchen gadgets
I found the 3 piece Froggy set for only $10 at Tuesday Morning.

I found these awesome scrubber dishcloths at Kohl's
Food Network brand
(I got the lime green ones cause colors were limited)

One side is a regular washcloth and the other is a scrubby mesh material.
Can't wait to use them on stuff that sticks to the counter, dishes, etc.

and of course...

Picture from

Even if you don't agree with everything he says or does, he's the elected leader of our country and this is an amazing day in history. Pray for him and other our other leaders. They'll need much guidance in the days, weeks, and years ahead!
Congratulations President Obama.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hey.... I think I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

I don't know why we waited so long. I have a new love in my life - I love it so much I'm tempted to name it but that might be going a wee bit too far.

Everyone meet my newest friend...

Dyson DC14 All Floors - Certified Asthma and Allergy friendly - 100% Awesomeness vacuum.

I put it together and tested it out tonight when we brought it home.
Never thought I'd say this (EVER) but I can't wait to use it again tomorrow and do some hardcore cleaning!

SOOOOOOoooooooooo excited. :D

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sick again!

Ok this is crazy. Yesterday out of NOWHERE I got a sore throat and all this sinus stuff started AGAIN. Now I was originally thinking it was because of the kids I teach - having so many and them being all... germy... and... gross. Last week was my first week back from Christmas break and I was at school "B". I felt fine. Didn't feel sick at all! Now that I'm at school "A" I feel terrible.

School "A" is a much smaller school, the building is SUPER old and the heat in my room kicks into A/C several times a day. I'm wondering if it's an allergy problem with something in the building that makes me sick. I started off the year at this school and was sick at the end of the very first week.

This is suspicious to me... and I definitely don't like it.

P.S. I've been meaning to put more songs on my playlist and was going to do it last night but C came home and wanted to go to Red Lobster for dinner. I'd do it here but the site's blocked so stay tuned (haha) for more music soon! :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One reason "working out" is a resolution...


So I am Lindt's #1 fan. I LOVE their truffles. ::dies::

Target had the tin (pictured below) on clearance after Christmas so I bought it

I have had all of the varieties inside except for the peanut butter, hazelnut and ::drool:: white chocolate.
thanks to mai-ke for posting the awesome picture

Someone shoot me. These are too good. Don't get me wrong the hazelnut ones are AMAZING too but... the white chocolate has stolen my tastebuds. I used to think the mint and dark were my favorite. I was strongly mistaken. It's like heaven in your mouth. I have a sneaky suspicion that when I get pregnant the baby might "need" some of these - and by some I mean a bag a week ;)

I feel like I need to hit the gym AGAIN today cause I'm about to be very bad.

Confirmation that it was time :)

I went to bed early last night and made sure to have time to lay down and read some of the pages of a devotional book I get from church and read the corresponding verses in my bible. I was behind so I read until I was caught up. The title of Monday's page was "Home Alone". The author wrote about how her job caused her family to move frequently and how once she had unpacked the house, her husband was at work, and the kids off to school - she would go online and found a community there that kept her company before she had any friends. It went to talk about how it's more important to have face time with people - "real" relationships. It didn't say online friendships were wrong but it encouraged readers to reach out and find relationships in person.

I prayed about it and have been thinking about it a lot as I fell asleep last night and this morning. I know there was a purpose for me to find BOTB and make friends there. I didn't know I would have IF problems so I found a network where I could ask questions and vent on issues I was having. I have taken a few really good friendships from the experience but while I was spending my time online I was neglecting a lot of things in "real life".

I wasn't shocked to read last night's devotional page. It was more of a pleasant surprise - a "thanks for helping know I made the right decision" moment. It was a quiet reminder that God rules over all, He knows us more than we know ourselves and He is always there. I may be a sap but it was hard to post that I was leaving (I still don't know where the delete button is, but I hear you have to email them and tell them why you're leaving). I teared up writing that post and the one here last night too. The friendships are as real as the pain and confusion of dealing with this crap.

I'll miss my efriends but I'm still here. If you need me you know where to go.

Monday, January 12, 2009

::sings:: And friends are friends forever....

I'm quitting the boards cold turkey. I can't procrastinate and neglect my real life anymore. I'm hoping that blogging and AIMing will help fill the IF companionship void that will be left.

I was explaining why I was leaving to an efriend and realized it really wouldn't hurt to pray about this stuff when I'm down or lonely. Going with my resolutions that should be the top of my list.

So the boardless leg of my TTC journey begins.

Uh... Do they make a patch for this?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Time for an update :)

I don't have anything TOO big to talk about but I was neglecting my blog so I figured I'd give it a little love. :) Plus C is watching "Joe Dirt" and I have absolutely no interest in that movie whatsoever. We've been working on cleaning the house and I'm taking a break even though there is still tons to be done.

Today is CD 20 on my last cycle of TTA. We're back in the game next cycle. I'm PRETTY sure that'll put me in the clear for the Aflac to be effective. Using the forbidden ovulation calculator *GASP!!!* and plugging in my average cycle length (ha!) it tells me that if I get pg next cycle I'd be due in early November. If I would give birth (regular delivery) before Oct 3rd the STD insurance wouldn't cover anything. If it's premature before then, than it will cover so being due in November will be ok.

That's all I've got for today. Hopefully back in the saddle as soon as the next cycle starts. I'm pretty much a NYR failure thusfar but I'm working on it :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

THAT was obnoxious + the obligatory New Years resolution post

I deleted my last entry because it was MASSIVE. I'm not sure if I don't know how or if they don't offer it but on LJ you can do a text cut so you don't see the WHOLE post in your blog (in times of huge surveys like the one I deleted) but if people want to click the link they can read it from there.

So Happy 2009. I sure hope this year is better than 2008. It was a bit of a crappy year and I'm ready for some great stuff to happen.

This entry will be short cause I slept in WAY too late and need to get ready so - drum roll please...

My New Year's Resolutions:
1) Be more "green" (cliche I know but I need to work on this)
2) Lose some weight!!!!! (by some I mean 50 lbs but ANY weight loss would be awesome)
3) Keep up with the housework better (I'm not doing that by sitting here but I'll work on it lol)
4) Send out birthday/anniversary/holiday cards so they get there on TIME
5) Read my bible and pray EVERY day (so far that's a fail but I guess we can count from today right?)

So... welcome 2009!! I hope I don't have to hate you in 12 months :)