Saturday, November 22, 2008


I need to fix the header but it's far too late for that today. I'm sure I'll need to procrastinate sometime in the near future. It won't be TOO fancy since this is seasonal but you know. It's boring :)

I wanted to expand the direction of my blog. It's too focused on TTC and it was depressing me. I'm going to make it a blog of fun-ness and "good things" type stuff (in addition to TTC things of course).

So to get things started -shots in the hip SUCK. My hip STILL hurts after the shot this evening and it's not cool. The stick wasn't the problem it was her pushing that hot pink medicine into me that kills. :( I've been sick for a WHILE now so I need to get better but this isn't the most fun.

Now that it's 2:38 am CST I think I need to try again with sleeping.

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