Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lab work update

This doctor's office is GREAT with getting information back to us in a timely manner. Everyone there is very sweet and helpful. I love it. Here are the results from my lab work.

Hypothyroidism - Apparently my tests said I have hypothyroidism and I'll be going on synthroid to take care of that. Funny that I had that checked MUCH earlier this summer and the doctor told me I didn't have it. They don't want me to get pregnant until we get the thyroid thing under control.

Progesterone Levels - He said I didn't ovulate because my Prog. levels were 10.5. The nurse told me the "normal" level showing ovulation was 11 but it could be different for some people. I told her I took an OPK (getting positives) and my temp spiked. She said she'd tell the doctor that.

PCOS - Right now I'm borderline PCOS but he thinks that may be from the hypothyroidism. He'll check for that again when I go back in a month to see if the thyroid issue is fixed yet.

So in one month after I'm out of synthroid I have to go back to have the lab work done again to see if my thyroid is regulated. She said it may take a little while to get the synthroid levels just right (I have no idea how long "a little while" is).

I'm not supposed to get pregnant until then so I guess I'm off for a month. This'll give me time to sign up for temporary disability insurance so that's one good thing.


pink.lemonade said...

not to be a debbie downer but it took me over a year to get my TSH levels to be regulated.. then i was later DXed with PCOS after trying for a year.. it is really important to get your levels regulated befoe getting pregnant though. you don't want to risk losing your baby or worse the baby ends up with complications.. the first trimester is when your baby relies on your thyroid.. good luck!

Cate said...

Your Dr's office is awesome! Those were fast results! I am so glad you got some answers :)

Mana said...

Sorry to hear all that. However, now that they know whats going on, it can all get under control so you will be your healthiest for TTC! :)