Saturday, October 18, 2008

The insanity continues.

This has felt like the longest week EVER. I'm sure the one coming up will be even worse cause that's what the two-week wait does to a girl. At least I'm on fall break until Wednesday!

I had a scare this week. Tuesday I had some nastycrazyweird CM that I passed. Dr. R had told me there might be a clog that would break loose with the HSG but I had no idea it what it would look like or how long it would take to come out. I'm not 100% sure but I think it looked very similar to a mucus plug. Anyway it was nasty and I will spare the revolting details.

The scary part came that day cause the doctor's office called and had "Some stuff to go over with me". Yikes. That's never what you want to hear. It turned out to be nothing (praise the Lord). The girl just wanted to tell me that Dr. R wanted to do some fasting labs in addition to the progesterone level check on Monday. I have no idea what they're looking for by doing those labs - all I know is that I can't eat Sunday night and Monday before I go in for the appointment.

I have no idea why but I've had an extremely emotional week. Wednesday I was weepy and crying about crap that shouldn't really matter. I felt like a failure in every area of my life and couldn't keep the emotions down to save my life! Thursday and Friday were better but the first half of the week was ROUGH.

This weekend I'm cleaning house, purging crap to sell in our garage sale that we're having next week and enjoying my fall break. I need to get myself together before Wednesday for sure!

Sunday's sermon was great and in Sunday school we talked about Silence and Solitude. This is something I don't have enough of in my life. I told C the other day that I'd love to get rid of my cell phone. That'd cut out a pretty big bill in our budget and it'd be nice to be unavailable sometimes! He thought I was crazy. I've failed at putting more solitude in my life so far this week but I'm making it a goal for the future.

I think I ovulated this week so I should be in the dreaded torture of the two week wait. Maybe this is it.


Danse said...


The fasting lab could be the glucose/insulin resistance test. I did it. They take a lot of blood and you have to drink what tastes like a really concentrated orange Hi C. It's a test for PCOS.

HTH and Good luck!

Mrs.G said...

Thanks Danse! I hadn't had any answers so thank you! :)