Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eventful week in the G hizzie!

What a whirlwind! This week I finally came to terms with the fact that I'm suffering from IF. It's been over a year now and like I said before (I think) I have a feeling it's going to take us a while.

Doctor visit extravaganza started with my OB appointment on Wednesday. Meeting a new doctor is SO stressful! I was nervous and awkward and I just hate it. Luckily my good friend recommended her OB to me and he was GREAT. I wasn't sure how I'd handle a man digging around in my vag but it didn't bother me one bit once I got there. He talked to me a lot before he did my "yearly exam" (I hate the words pap smear for some reason). He was VERY nice and when he did the exam it was 100 times better than any other I've had. That day was virtually pain free! Dr. R ordered an SA for C and an HSG and progesterone level check for me.

C took his swim test the next day and they got the results back within 2 hours of him taking his team to the lab! I was stunned! He has plenty of swimmers and they're in good shape they're just a little slow. Good news!

Continuing the vag fest I went in to the hospital yesterday to have my HSG done. I had heard different ends of the pain spectrum on this test so I was preparing for the worst - not to mention being nervous anyway. After nearly breaking down from hearing a lullaby tune played each time a baby was born and waiting FOREVER I was finally taken back to the x-ray room. I wasn't sure if Dr. R would be there so that had me even a little more on edge about the whole thing. Got the gown, stripped down below the waist and walked out of the bathroom to see Dr. R. Wonderful! What a relief!

Ok now. I'm going into detail on this so I remember the experience (as if I could forget it) and to help anyone who reads this. They stick the speculum in there and click it open. It felt like he could have stuffed a lemon up there he clicked it so far - but no big deal. He washed it out with iodine (I think? or a relative of iodine) - not TOO bad. It was a little worse than the pap. Then... omg.

He's a very friendly guy with a great sense of humor which is perfect for me. He says (right before he does this) "I promise you this is just a tiny tube. Some people say it feels like a freight train". Greeeeeeeeeeeat. I was not a tiny tube person. Had the x-ray machine not been right over me I probably would have been off the table. I have a high pain threshold after years and years of horrid cramps so this was astounding to me.

Dr. R - "Are you feeling cramping?"
Mrs. G - "Yea just a little" (wimpered through breaths)

He had xray girl take pictures and when he was done he showed them to me. The tubes are CLEAR! I was still in a LOT of pain when I was getting dressed and leaving. I started getting that feeling like you're going to throw up and/or pass out as I was leaving the hospital but I was too embarrassed to go back and tell anyone. I'm on my way out debating if I can make it or if I should stop in the nearest bathroom and puke. As I approached the restroom by the door to freedom I see 2 housekeeping people standing at the door with their cart. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOMEHOW I made it out to my car and sat there doubled over holding my steering wheel a few minutes before driving home. Then as I was driving I kept feeling like I was going to fall asleep. You know the feeling like you're falling that jolts you awake while you're sleeping? Ok I was getting that as I was driving down the road - and I wasn't sleeping! Weird.

Next up - Progesterone levels on October 20th!

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bcyouloveit said...

YAY for clear tubes!

::throws confetti::

And YAY for a progesterone check on my Anniversary!

::blows party horn::