Thursday, August 7, 2008

To try or not to try...

Sometimes being a "grown-up" sucks. Big time. We wanted to start trying at the end of last summer but when DH and I both started to contemplate career/job changes we put things on hold for insurance/financial purposes. Now we really want to try again but I'm still feeling uncertain about it.

Where's that easy button from the Staples commercials? Do they make one for TTC?

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Brigid said...

So you are making the switch from teaching middle school music to elementary music too?! Maybe you told me this already, but whoa. I taught middle school (5-8) general music for the first two years and got switched to elem (K-2) for this year and I'm so nervous. I like the little ones b/c they aren't to that "too cool" stage, but I'm worried that I'll get frustrated with them because I'm used to doing more advanced stuff with the older kids. I'm in band camp now, but I start classes on Wednesday. What books to you have/use? We have "Making Music" and I haven't decided how much I'm going to use them yet... I think I'll loosely use them, but the CDs seem cool. GL with your year! I like the blog so far BTW :)