Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to school...

I can't believe the calendar year's over half over now! This summer flew by a million times faster than the spring did that's for sure! I've started working at a couple new schools and I was hoping my new positions would help keep my mind off of baby things for a little while until we finalize our insurance and stuff. No such luck. There's a teacher at one school who's due the first week in September. Wonderful for her - her belly's adorable and she looks great (doesn't even look like she's ready to pop!). Too bad for me that my uterus will have a convulsion every time I see her. I'm sure seeing the little kids (I'll get Pre-K and Kindergarten too) will do a number on me as well.

It's hard to be patient and to grin and bear it while others around you are happily popping out babies all over the place. Such a trying time in life. I never knew it'd be so hard. You worry so much about NOT getting pregnant when the timing isn't right that it's unbelievable that it doesn't happen in a New York minute when you ARE ready.

I feel redundant even typing this crap because I know it's the same story for thousands of women across the world. It's just hard to wrap your mind around it when someone else's story becomes yours too.

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Brigid said...

How many schools are you at? I'm at 3 this year! I went in for a half day today and one of the other teachers had her toddler "helping" her and I got that little twinge of jealousy from my ovaries. We've only been ttc for a month and my cycles are screwed up from coming off BCP, that I know I shouldn't feel this way already, but I do. Seeing some of my students today made me look forward to the year to come though, which I really needed- I have been dreading going back to school. What day do you actually start classes? I have band camp the 6-15, and we start classes on the 20th.
<3 bmp